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              PE film recycling machine



              PE film recycling machine

               Product description of PP PE film recycling machine :

              Washing Capacity: 150-2000kg/h

              Humidity< 3-5%

              To wash plastic films, agricultural films, shopping bags, etc.

              ISO9001 and CE certification

              The whole production equipment is researched, design and manufactured by our company, integration of Europe technology, it has features as high efficiency, working stable, low humidity content(less than 5%). We use good quality on our machine (SUS-304, more than 3mm thickness) ensures whole production equipment long service life time.


              Usage PP PE film recycling machine

              Our Film washing and recycling machine could deal with waste plastic such as plastic bags, agriculture film, woven bags, plastic package products etc. The whole production line is surely of standard and high quality with CE certification and ISO 9001. 


              Advantages of PP PE film recycling machine

              The parts which are contacted with water or raw material are made of SUS304 stainless steel, thickness more than 3mm, to ensure long service time.

              World famous Electronic & Mechanical components, such as NSK or SKF bearings, SIEMENS contactor, Omron temperature controller, ABB inverter.

              The whole production line with CE safety certification, and ISO9001 certificate.  


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